Wendy Mink Jewelry Review : Anglo-Czecho-Indo- Ethno-Chic

Wendy Mink’s jewelry exhibits a mix of cultural influences that come together like Voltron in an unmistakable style. Though the studio is located in New York, the jewelry that comes out of it would  make you think that a 19th Century  Bohemian bench jeweler was touring mid-century Paris, after a brief jaunt in Southern Nepal, and then suddenly got sucked through a wormhole and dropped in NYC’s, recently-more-trendy, Lower East Side. We love it.

The pieces we’re reviewing this week all incorporate natural gemstones and different mediums of high-karat gold. First up is a nothing-short-of-stunning 18K Gold Foiled Sterling Silver Labradorite and Moonstone bead necklace. Chunky opalescent labradorite is sequestered by buttery 18K Gold foiled sterling beads.

The gold beads have a rough hammered finish that is reminiscent of Kundan jewelry and they stand between the labradorite and a length of milky white perfectly round moonstones. The contrast between the white moonstone and deep yellow gold reeks of luxury. The necklace is finished with an Eastern style hook-clasp stamped 925.

This necklace, like all of the Wendy Mink pieces we are looking at this week, arrived in a custom cheese-cloth gift pouch. We love the earthy look of the pouch and also pay kudos to designers who provide a nice gift bag or pouch with their pieces. Sans-pouch items are just too hard to gift.

Next at bat is a 30” Peach Moonstone and 18K Gold Foiled Bead, layerable necklace. If you’ve never heard of peach moonstone, don’t despair, it’s a semi-exotic, semi-precious species that is just now becoming more popular and appears to be favored by Wendy Mink.  While the beads are small, the ability to layer it twice more than makes up for the millimeter deficit. The pink moonstones are multi-faceted and interspersed with square faceted gold beads. The overall look is ethno-chic.

Last but not least we have a Crystal and traditional Moonstone necklace that is almost mono-cultural (East Indian) until you look at the Victorian style bar link chain. The pendant say’s “I was the left earring off an Indian Wedding Jewelry Parure”. The chain say’s “Wait, Wait, I was clipped of a pair of Victorian reading glasses”. Together they say “Oh boy, you’re gonna love us”. And we do. It’s an awesome understated piece that would look great with a low-cut outfit. See these three necklaces and more Wendy Mink pieces in our ebay store during the coming weeks.

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