How to Spot Counterfeit Fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry – How to tell if it’s authentic Tiffany

Mimicry is often labeled the ultimate form of flattery. I can assure you, however, that Tiffany & Co. is not flattered by the small number of con-artists who manufacture cheap jewelry and then stamp it with the T & Co. name in order to capitalize on Tiffany’s hard earned reputation. The purpose of this guide is to help you sort out the real McCoy from the wannabees.

The surest way to buy authentic T & Co. jewelry is go directly to Tiffany’s website, a Tiffany Authorized re-seller or a Tiffany Boutique. For those of us who cannot afford to buy new pieces, or simply choose to buy estate pieces, it can be difficult to know when we are getting the real thing and when we’re being duped. Experienced Tiffany buyers will tell you that there is simply no comparison between the feel and look of the real thing versus the cheap copies being hocked at street bazaars and shady online stores. However, if you don’t have a lot of hands on experience, you can be fooled by some of the clever fakes. What you need is a quick guide to help you identify the tell-tale signs of a counterfeit piece.

1. Soldered Links:

Links on Tiffany Jewelry should be soldered continuous links. There should not be a line where the link can be separated. This is a very common give-away on fakes. In the photos below you can see a counterfeit Tiffany heart toggle necklace and a close-up of the links. This necklace was sold to us by a silver dealer.


Compare the links in the necklace above to the links in the authentic Tiffany heart toggle piece below. Note how the smooth perfectly round links on the real one have no seams:

RealClose RealLinks

2. Perfection:

All stamps, logos and lines on a piece of modern Tiffany jewelry should be perfect. Below, take a look at the bangle in the top two photos. While it might look convincing from a distance, the Cartouche around the 1837 logo is off center and crooked. We purchased this bracelet from a website for $190.00. The site refunded our money without question when we complained that it was not authentic. You would never see a crooked logo like this on an authentic Tiffany bangle like the one on the bottom. Also – you can actually see the brass coming through the engraving on the top photo. Like most fakes, it is silver plated brass (sometimes copper or zinc as well). Note that on vintage and antique pieces, the Tiffany logo will appear on the back of the piece – these back marks are sometimes less than perfect.

Tiffany 1837 Fake1837 fake2

1837 Real

3. Font:

Newer authentic Tiffany pieces that actually use the full name “Tiffany & Co.” will almost always use a larger T and larger C.  If the piece has all uniform letters, you should investigate it further because it may be a fake. For vintage pieces, this rule goes out the window. The marks TIFFANY & CO. and even just “TIFFANY 18K” were used on genuine vintage Tiffany pieces.

4.  Silver Content:

Authentic Tiffany jewelry will always be marked with a fineness mark (aka “purity mark” and sometimes mistakenly called a “hallmark”). For sterling silver pieces the purity mark will be either “925” or “Sterling”, the latter being more common on vintage pieces.  The content of the piece will be 92.5% silver.  While Tiffany did make some large silver plated tea platters in the early part of the 20th century, Tiffany jewelry, especially modern pieces, is all solid silver. If you have a test kit, you can safely perform a touchstone test. If not, inspect the piece closely with a magnifying glass for wear. Pay particular attention to stamped and engraved areas as well as joints. As you can see the fake 1837 bracelet above, it is sometimes possible to see the base metal coming through the silver. Look at the 1827 ingot necklace below. We used sand paper to remove the outer silver layer and expose the underlying brass. IMPORTANTLY — magnets will not distinguish between sterling silver and silver plated brass — magnets are in fact rarely ever a reliable test for silver.



Though not common, you might sometimes encounter what we call “super fakes”. These pieces will fool even an experienced jeweler. We recently came across a heart tag “super fake” which appears below.







Unlike the examples described above, this bracelet is made from solid sterling silver. It also features soldered links, which can be seen in the photo below.









There are still some details which give it away as a fake. Let’s start with the Back of the donut loop. The 925 mark is askew, uneven and off strike.







The letters on the heart tag bleed into the top surface.









The welds and joints are generally sloppy. See photos below.

Sloppy3 Sloppy2 Sloppy1















The Heart tag is also domed, has a grainy texture and varies in thickness. It is also not signed on the back — which is not always fatal — but in this case, seals the deal.


When in doubt — don’t buy it.  Always ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for more pictures / closeups  if you are buying online.  Never buy a piece if the seller is representing it as “I was told” “I think this is authentic” or “Buy at your own risk”. It’s just not worth the headache. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Thanks as always for reading our jewelry blog! Please also visit our ebay store if you are in the market for jewelry today!

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  1. I just bought two Tiffany & Co. rings on eBay. I was in a bidding war, but got them both at a really cheap price. Luck? I dunno. They look almost brand new, which kind of freaks me out. The weight of them and font seem right though. They could have been just taken care of very well or were just polished. Would someone be able to help me to see if these are real or not? I’ll can send over pics of course.

  2. Hello,

    I have a Tiffany bracelet with 925 at the base of lobster clasp but it is imprinted the opposite direction (upside down) compared to my other bracelets. Is that a fake? The other O rings seem smooth and fine.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi there, I have just purchased Tiffany earrings of eBay they do look real, but the pouch they came in looks real, is suede and has the prym*2b*echt on the snap inside the pouch, but inside the pouch has a tag saying pouch made in China, none of my other pouches have that which makes me think its a fake pouch and maybe the earrings are fake too? Could you let me know if you have come across a Athentic pouch with this tag in it before. Thank you

  4. Hi

    I recieved an older style toggle and bracelet set, and am not sure about it. The font on the charm and toggle looks even/ symmetrical, but I can’t tell about the links, they don’t look blatantly uneven, but I’m not certain, could I please send some pictures in?

    Thank you

  5. Hi! I have a Tiffany & Co ring but i’m not sure if it is real. I checked several sites but I can’t tell. Would you be able to see the photos and let me know? Thanks!

  6. I have some Tiffany&Co. chains and on the clasp they say 925 Italy. Are they the markings that should be on a real sterling silver bead chain.

  7. Hi there:

    I recently bought a pair of Tiffany & Co. 18K yellow gold bean earrings from Japan. I didn’t notice it from their photos, but when the earrings arrived I discovered they are not solid but hollow at the back. They have the “T+C” mark along the edges, Peretti name and 18K gold mark plus copyright symbol. The posts are not marked. What do you think? Are they an older model or fake? I can send you a photo but I’m not sure how to do that.

    Thank you.

  8. I have been wanting to buy a tiffany stencil open heart. It is vintage. However upon looking at websites like ebay etc, some pendants, the 1999 T&Co engravings are bigger, some pendants have smaller 1999 T&Co engravings. Its confusing which one is authentic. Is it the big engravings or small engravings? Thanks

  9. Hi,

    Can you please help me out? i was going to buy the engagement ring but after reading your blog i am not sure anymore i am on the good track.
    Can I send you the pictures of the ring? it suppose to be vintage tiffany
    Many thanks!!!


    • Kris – yes of course and I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’re a bit behind with the holiday rush here at the shop.

  10. Hello ! I have earrings that I want to sell but I want to make sure they are authentic and I want to know what they are worth. Do you think you could help me thank you xx

  11. I bought a Tiffany heart tag bracelet a couple of years ago & on reading your blog I am not sure if 100% authentic now. Everything looks fine the with the links & the lobster catch is stamped on the base 925. The front of the heart tag looks fine which reads the usual – Return To Tiffany & Co etc with the 925 at the top attached to link. But on the back of the heart tag it has 2 stamps which I am now finding unsual, 1 reads – c Tiffany & Co. 925 – which seems fine but below this is another stamp which is slightly squint & reads T& co then 3 different stamps after this? (which I am assuming are the silver stamps?) I haven’t see this before when looking at others ? Is this authentic ?

    • Hi and thanks for reading our blog! This all sounds ok to me. You’ve got a piece that was sold outside the U.S. and re-marked on import.

  12. Hi! I was wondering if my Tiffany necklace and bracelet are fake because I still can’t seem to tell after reading this. Can I send some pictures? Thanks!

  13. I just recently took 3 vintage Tiffany sterling “Return to Tiffany” pieces on consignment. The owner was honest and said that he didn’t know whether they were authentic or not. They all 3 look authentic, all are sterling and the weight is there on all 3 items. The only issue is the heart toggle necklace does not have the soldered links. Was there ever a period of time when Tiffany did not solder their links completely closed or do I have a “super fake”???
    thanks for all your help!

  14. Hi! I recently won this auction but am having serious doubts about the authenticity. I’ve never seen a Tiffany piece marked like this. Have not received it yet.
    Thanks so much!

    Ebay listing: 321860252503

  15. I recently purchased a Tiffany open heart from ebay, I took it to Tiffany&co and asked if they could authenticate it, they said they really didn’t do that, I could submit for repair, and if it wasn’t authentic they could not work on it, how can I find out if it’s authentic?

    • The sales rep at first said it looked good then claimed she didn’t think so because of feel of weight, not signed Elsa prerreti, too symmetrical.

    • Hi,
      I just puchase a bangle on line, it is not actually round, more like oblong in shape and has a
      1997 TIFFANY & Co 925 engraved on the inside, would this be an authentic sign, thank you

  16. Hi there ive brought a “tiffany” necklace online and im unsure if its genuine or not, if i send some pics would you please help me ?

  17. I recently bought a starfish brooch – the one with the ruby in the middle & the saphires. it looks really good – great detail and it says Tiffanys and schlumberger – very small. it has a number though – 075 on it but it doesn’t have an 18K mark anywhere that I can see It is beautifully made but I wanted to check with you –

    Thank you for having this blog – it is a great service –


  18. hai i got one tiffanny bracelet which bought from online and is stated as the authentic so could you please help to see is tat my bracelet is fake or real?。thanks

  19. Hi there! I have a 20yr plus old “Return to Tiffanys” Tag Necklace and Bracelet. I 100% know that these were purchased by my parents in one of NYC stores, therefore authentic. I am a bit confused after I was trying to sell one on Poshmark and a girl came back saying b/c there was NO watermark on the backside, that it was fake. Neither or my pieces do. Is this normal? Is there something else I should be looking for? It’s super heavy, not shiny looking, and the links are soldered together.
    Thanks so much for your reply!!!

  20. Can someone please check that direct link and tell me if you think it’s a real Tiffany Necklace? I bought it off this girl, but I haven’t received it in the mail yet. The bag doesn’t look like a real Tiffany bag now that I look at it though. Please help.

    Thank you!

  21. i resently brought a tiffany and co bracelet it has two charms and the heart tag all the tag and charms are correctly marked and stamped the bracelet looks to be authentic also but i cannot find the 925 mark on one of the links it has been tested a soild silver it is a older style bracelet were all the bracelets marked with.925 even if they had the heart attached?

    • Hi Sarah and thanks for your question! The clasp of the bracelet should be marked — on either the tongue, the bar or the bail loop that attaches it to the bracelet.

  22. I am trying to get so
    Me information on a tiffany and co sterling silver 925 cross. I have tried to find out if it is real or fake. It looks very much like the picasso design but has what appears to be diamonds inset on all end. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  23. Hi

    I have a starfish pendant that is stamped on the front with T&CO and a 925. Very clear. The tag on the chain is stamped 925, other side Tiffany & Company. Is this real?

  24. Thank you Zowie I bought the bracelet since the seller offers returns and both eBay and PayPal cover buyers for ‘not as described’ items so I figured I was safe. I already received it and it does look very nice. I looked at some of the things mentioned on your site, links in particular and they look great. All neatly soldered. Thank you for getting back to me. All the best. Ivana

  25. I recently acquired a Schlumberger dot losange bracelet in red enamel. My bracelet is 18 karat gold but is stamped Schlumberger Paris. It has several hallmarks or stampings on the tongue of the clasp, one is an eagle head. The others are hard to decipher. The piece weighs 116.6 grams is in very good condition. Worn but good. What is the difference between the stamping that I have and the current stamping of Schlumberger Tiffany & Co? I am certain that the piece is genuine and authentic but I can’t find any others stamped the way that mine is stamped. Any info. would be appreciated.
    Kathryn Heater

    • Hi Ivana and thanks for contacting use. First, I’m sorry for getting back to you after this auction has ended. Due to the number of requests we receive each day, it often takes us a week to respond to each reader. For what it’s worth at this point, this piece appears to be authentic. Again, please accept my apologies for the delay. Zowie

  26. Hello! I just bought some charms from a self proclaimed retired Tiffany employee. I started researching how to spot fraudulent pieces and decided to take a look at the stuff I got. One of the charms is stamped with Tiffany & Co. and also Ag 925. I suspect I know the answer, but I would like to know if Tiffany has ever stamped their jewelry that way? Any insight would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  27. Recently purchased a pendant at a yard sale. It seems real based off of the information on this page. Please let me know what you think.

  28. Hello, I’m so very happy to have found you as no google search has yet to help! I just purchased (and have three days to authenticate or return for refund) a Return to Tiffany medium heart tag bracelet, everything about it seems authentic (good links, good stamped 925 clasp, and the heart is stamped clearly front and back. My issue is this, there isn’t a link that is stamped T&Co925. I know the current ones being sold have this stamp on the second link past the clasp but this is an older version. Please let me know if this is something that wasn’t always done on this particular piece. If pics would help I have them! THANK YOU for any and all help you can provide I am desperate and on a deadline! -Abbi

    • Hi and thanks for reading our blog! I am sorry to be getting back to you after the three days have passed so I hope this is till helpful. Yes, it is OK if the second link is not marked. Thanks again. Zowie

  29. does all Tiffany hoop earrings have T & CO imprinted on them. I have one pair that does and another that does not.

  30. Very helpful information! Can I send photos of a tag necklace? I bought it at a consignment shop. They assured me it is authentic, but I’d feel more confident in your

    Many thanks,
    D. Foster

  31. Hi, i recently was gifted a diamond cross necklace.. It has 925 meda china and they are each on a diff side of the back of the cross. It doesn’t say Tiffany our anything.. I was wondering if it was real?

  32. Hi there! I recently bought at auction a Tiffany piece that has a sunflower / daisy motif across the front. It is stamped Tiffany & Co. Makers, AG925, then has a hallmark of a candle in a holder, an anvil, and a daisy. I have seen this type of marking on Tiffany silverware, but never on a piece of Tiffany jewelry. Could you verify that it is authentic?

    Thanks for your help!

  33. I have just purchase a Tiffany bangle and after reading some of the comments above would like to know if I have bought a fake. Thanks

  34. Hello, I sent photos of a set of Paloma Picasso earrings to the email provided above, and also the pouch that came with them pictured next to an authentic Tiffany one. Can you advise me whether they are authentic or not? There is no T & Co. mark on the posts of the earrings. Thank you, this is a great blog and so helpful.

  35. Hi.

    Would be great if you could confirm if locket and heart are authentic. I know the bracelet itself is fake but unsure of charms. Both charms are tarnished a bit at tops, but believe this is due to the cheap bracelet rubbing off. The round locket is stamped on the back but the heart isn’t?

    I’ve been told on another site that both charms appear authentic, but they were not 100% sure themself.

    How do I go about sending you actual photos?

    Thanks for your time

  36. Good afternoon.
    Thank you so much for your previous answer to my question concerning the silver tray we purchased in a lot box at an auction.
    You had mentioned that ebay was not a good avenue to resell it. What would you suggest?
    Thanks again

  37. I really enjoyed reading your Blog – Fantastic info here!! I’m thinking of purchasing a replacement bracelet for my Wife (the original has been lost). I have e-mailed Rudy the link to the photos. Can you discern if this bracelet is really a Tiffany product? The last two photos show the markings on the clasp hearts very well. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on the item.

  38. Hello,
    I just sent 5-6 pictures of a necklace I am thinking of buying for my wife. It is being sold as a “vintage” estate item. The markings are not perfect so I am a bit skeptical. I have read however that the vintage pieces commonly have irregular markings. Awesome blog by the way. You are serving a great deed by exposing the fakes and helping people make informed decisions. Thank you
    Adam W

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