How to Spot Counterfeit Fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry – How to tell if it’s authentic Tiffany

Mimicry is often labeled the ultimate form of flattery. I can assure you, however, that Tiffany & Co. is not flattered by the small number of con-artists who manufacture cheap jewelry and then stamp it with the T & Co. name in order to capitalize on Tiffany’s hard earned reputation. The purpose of this guide is to help you sort out the real McCoy from the wannabees.

The surest way to buy authentic T & Co. jewelry is go directly to Tiffany’s website, a Tiffany Authorized re-seller or a Tiffany Boutique. For those of us who cannot afford to buy new pieces, or simply choose to buy estate pieces, it can be difficult to know when we are getting the real thing and when we’re being duped. Experienced Tiffany buyers will tell you that there is simply no comparison between the feel and look of the real thing versus the cheap copies being hocked at street bazaars and shady online stores. However, if you don’t have a lot of hands on experience, you can be fooled by some of the clever fakes. What you need is a quick guide to help you identify the tell-tale signs of a counterfeit piece.

1. Soldered Links:

Links on Tiffany Jewelry should be soldered continuous links. There should not be a line where the link can be separated. This is a very common give-away on fakes. In the photos below you can see a counterfeit Tiffany heart toggle necklace and a close-up of the links. This necklace was sold to us by a silver dealer.


Compare the links in the necklace above to the links in the authentic Tiffany heart toggle piece below. Note how the smooth perfectly round links on the real one have no seams:

RealClose RealLinks

2. Perfection:

All stamps, logos and lines on a piece of modern Tiffany jewelry should be perfect. Below, take a look at the bangle in the top two photos. While it might look convincing from a distance, the Cartouche around the 1837 logo is off center and crooked. We purchased this bracelet from a website for $190.00. The site refunded our money without question when we complained that it was not authentic. You would never see a crooked logo like this on an authentic Tiffany bangle like the one on the bottom. Also – you can actually see the brass coming through the engraving on the top photo. Like most fakes, it is silver plated brass (sometimes copper or zinc as well). Note that on vintage and antique pieces, the Tiffany logo will appear on the back of the piece – these back marks are sometimes less than perfect.

Tiffany 1837 Fake1837 fake2

1837 Real

3. Font:

Newer authentic Tiffany pieces that actually use the full name “Tiffany & Co.” will almost always use a larger T and larger C.  If the piece has all uniform letters, you should investigate it further because it may be a fake. For vintage pieces, this rule goes out the window. The marks TIFFANY & CO. and even just “TIFFANY 18K” were used on genuine vintage Tiffany pieces.

4.  Silver Content:

Authentic Tiffany jewelry will always be marked with a fineness mark (aka “purity mark” and sometimes mistakenly called a “hallmark”). For sterling silver pieces the purity mark will be either “925” or “Sterling”, the latter being more common on vintage pieces.  The content of the piece will be 92.5% silver.  While Tiffany did make some large silver plated tea platters in the early part of the 20th century, Tiffany jewelry, especially modern pieces, is all solid silver. If you have a test kit, you can safely perform a touchstone test. If not, inspect the piece closely with a magnifying glass for wear. Pay particular attention to stamped and engraved areas as well as joints. As you can see the fake 1837 bracelet above, it is sometimes possible to see the base metal coming through the silver. Look at the 1827 ingot necklace below. We used sand paper to remove the outer silver layer and expose the underlying brass. IMPORTANTLY — magnets will not distinguish between sterling silver and silver plated brass — magnets are in fact rarely ever a reliable test for silver.



Though not common, you might sometimes encounter what we call “super fakes”. These pieces will fool even an experienced jeweler. We recently came across a heart tag “super fake” which appears below.







Unlike the examples described above, this bracelet is made from solid sterling silver. It also features soldered links, which can be seen in the photo below.









There are still some details which give it away as a fake. Let’s start with the Back of the donut loop. The 925 mark is askew, uneven and off strike.







The letters on the heart tag bleed into the top surface.









The welds and joints are generally sloppy. See photos below.

Sloppy3 Sloppy2 Sloppy1















The Heart tag is also domed, has a grainy texture and varies in thickness. It is also not signed on the back — which is not always fatal — but in this case, seals the deal.


When in doubt — don’t buy it.  Always ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for more pictures / closeups  if you are buying online.  Never buy a piece if the seller is representing it as “I was told” “I think this is authentic” or “Buy at your own risk”. It’s just not worth the headache. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Thanks as always for reading our jewelry blog! Please also visit our ebay store if you are in the market for jewelry today!

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  1. Hi, is there still someone here that can help advise whether a Tiffany oval tag choker is authentic? I have pictures from a listing. Thanks.

    • Hi Rudy,

      Thank you very much for all the help you are providing!
      I sent you an email with pictures of an oval tag necklace I’m interested it, dating from around 2001… It looks like an original, but I’m perplexed about the silver hallmarking which is on the front of the tag between New York and 925, never have seen a mark on the front before on this type of necklace, so… If you could give me your opinion it would be just great! Have a nice day, Cheers

  2. Can anyone advise if a genuine toggle clasp (with TIFFANY & CO on the front) has ever NOT been stamped with a purity mark on the back (i.e. the 925)?

  3. I hope you can help I have Two 7.5 bracelets one has a big heart th other one has a med/small if I snaps some photos can you verify if these a fake or real. I was planning on buying a oval tag choker necklace if I send a picture of that can you tell me if it is a fake so I don’t get taken please help! I’m buy myself that’s why I’m asking you for help Please Reply Back ASAP thanks please so much for any kindness extended to me Judy

  4. In my opinion there is absolutely impossible to see a difference between originals and replicas from
    I have a few bags and shoes and Im always checkin it with originals that my friends posses. If someone needs a replica I can recomend Get2lux :)

  5. This is a great site and I have also been comparing pieces that come into my shop with the help of this site and another. I found an amazing top quality knock off in some jewellery that came to me the other day and was sure that a particular bangle was real…with the help of your page and a genuine seller of second hand
    Tiffany I was able to see the differences as minor as they were. My piece is a sterling silver knock off. Now I know how to price it and I can advise my customers that it is not genuine. My reputation depends on my honesty for return business. You have been a great help…Thankyou

  6. Hello, I am looking at a T&Co diamond ring from a consignment co. There is no Tiffany paperwork; however, there is a GIA report available from 2014. The prongs on the ring look altered, I am assuming the diamond was removed from setting in order for GIA to evaluate. The GIA report notes an inscription on the diamond T&CO. followed by a capital letter and 8 numbers. A photo on the website shows inside the platinum ring an inscription of TIFFANY & CO. PT 950., all capital letters. I have contacted GIA they have record of the certificate. I have contacted T&Co they have a hard time providing information regarding items not obtained from their stores. I understand, but they should know what the inscriptions have been throughout the yrs. Do you have any information regarding authenticity of varying inscriptions.

  7. I was gifted a pair of Tiffany pearl earrings with diamonds and yelliw gold 30 years ago. It came from my boss who only shopped in Beverly Hills. I brought them to Tiffany today to have them cleaned and they said they don’t have the Tiffany logo printed on the posts. Did they do that 30 years ago? I wanted to sell these since I’ve worn them twice in 30 years.

    • I have the same pair! My grandmother gave them to me for Christmas (Tiffany Box and all) a long time ago. I have tried to figure out why they don’t have the logo on them but haven’t found anything.

    • If interested in selling them sent me a pic and asking price. I will love to pass it to my daughter (I love thing with history and sentimental value)

  8. I got an interlocking bangle 1837, 1997 but i am not sure if it’s genuine..because i have peculiar smell even after cleaning can u help me pls?

    • I also have an interlocking bangle 1837, 1997 but although it looks absolutely genuine the inside writing of one of the bangles is slightly off straight so now I am wondering if it is genuine also.

  9. Wondering if you could give me your opinion on a couple of Tiffany pieces I have. One was gifted to me for my birthday, the other I purchased.

    • Hi I’ve recently picked up cuff bangle and read over all of the above and it’s looking to be authentic but would like a second opinion if I could send photos to you. Thanks

  10. WATCH OUT FOR “PERFECT IMITATIONS” ON LETGO.COM! I recently purchased a piece of what I believed to be Tiffany authentic jewelry. It passed all the tests listed in this article. When I took the piece to a Tiffany store to have it cleaned, even the Tiffany Jewelers did not question authenticity. It was only when the silver, that I now know is silver plating, started to wear off that I learned I had been scammed. If saged Tiffany Jewelers cannot spot a fake, how am I supposed to do so? There is a seller on let-go who has many pieces for sale and I believe if mine is a fraud, all her other pieces are a fraud. Be careful. Ask for receipts from Tiffany’s. Asked if her purchases or his purchases are in the Tiffany database. Beyond losing my money, it is degrading and humiliating to be scammed. It is all the more demoralizing to find out that you have been scammed when you are standing alone in the Tiffany store and the Tiffany salesperson tells you that this is not their jewelry. They look at you as if you are the scam artist when really, you are the innocent victim. The person that scammed me is a pariah. Watch out for her.

    • Does the name ‘Perfect Imitations’ not give away that she isn’t sell genuine items? I’m sorry to hear you were scammed but I wonder if I would have questioned the name of her company and not bought from her.

  11. I am selling a collection for my father. I have two jewelry boxes nearly identical, but I suspect each of them is a fake Tiffany & Co. Would you be willing to look at the marks? I have close up pics.

  12. I am selling a collection for my father. I have two jewelry boxes nearly identical, but I suspect each of them is a face Tiffany & Co. Would you be willing to look at the marks?

  13. Hello, I have a tiffanys necklace and I saw someone else’s and their chain looked thicker than mine. Mine is stained 925 on the tag and on the link I want to l ow of its authentic please!

  14. Hi i just found this bracelet in second hand shop can you rrlk uf thid ix real pls if i can get a emsil address ill emsil you pics thanks

  15. I just brought a 1837 Tiffany lock charm ring from a used “couture” consignment shop. It looks real in every aspect — except the tiffany label stamped on the inside of the ring is missing? Could it have worn off? Does this mean it is a fake?

  16. I have had both the bracelet and necklace silver chain, with the T bar and plain heart. Both from Tiffany’s. The bracelet broke so I’m trying to buy a replacement bracelet from a well know auction site.

    My two cents

    With this piece the silver heart should say
    TIFFANY & CO. 925
    The T and the C should be slightly larger than the rest of the font. Mine also has a serial number under this text in much smaller writing and centred justified. Personally I wouldn’t buy one without the serial number. I got my original from Bond Street. It has the serial number on it. Therefore I can trust this is genuine. There should be a copy right to the right of TIFFANY & CO.

    The writing should be clear and easy to read.
    If the pictures are not showing this side of the heart, only the plain side, request it.

    Again, go for battered, scratched pieces over shiny new ‘auction’ second hand pieces.

    You should not be able to see any links in the chain. You may see a darker mark where the silver links rub together.

    The little green bags should be made well. I’ve seen really badly sewn draw string pouches.
    In fact most items with the draw string pouches seem questionable with regards to their authenticity.

    Don’t let postings with bags, pouches and authenticity cards fool you.


  17. Hi, I’m looking to buy a beset tag on a beaded chain. Wantbto understand if the lock of the chain should contain a small circle with engraving? Is that a must feature? The seller has even posted a receipt, pls advise!

  18. I have what may be a vintage Tiffany hair comb. It’s gold and ornate. I cannot see a hallmark but it’s in a brown Tiffany box (New York, Paris, London). Did Tiffany always mark their jewelry?

    • pfff je suis sûre qu’il a été payé ce type.. c de la fausse pub aux chaines de fast food!je continue de croire que le junk food est nuisible pour la sa03t©&#82Ãn;.

  19. I, also, have a pair of Tiffany knot earrings that appear to be gold, but the backs and the posts are marked with T & Co. and 925, and on the posts, so tiny, you must have a loop to detect. Does Tiffany do an overlay on sterling? Thanks!

    • Hello, I am a former Tiffany employee….I worked on the silver floor in the early 80’s. We did in fact sell GOLD over SILVER. It is called vermeil. Hope this helps. (pronounce) Ver-may)

  20. I bought a pair of Tiffany silver knot style post earrings online. The backs are definitely Tiffany and co earring backs, but what I’m curious about is the post itself. I’ve seen elsewhere where the posts are actually engraved with the Tiffany and co. Stamp. Does this mean if the pair I purchased don’t have the stamp they’re fake?

  21. I have a pair of 1997 drop bar earrings how can I tell if they are fake? The 1997 and Tiffany & co 925 is on the back and the T&C is larger. On the front it’s got T& CO 1837 stamp.

  22. I have just found what looks like a very very old Tiffany tag how can I get someone to look at it for me please

  23. Just found a gold pin marked copy right symbol 1983 TIFFANY &CO below that 18 or 14 k above all that a name signature of the artist in script I saw one just like it for you sale on line but artist name indifferent spot? Haven’t been to the jewelers to have it checked yet what do you think thank you love your site.

      • I would suggest finding the real item or similar, at Tiffany’s and going from there.

        Or search for the item on eBay, find several of the same items. Take photos of there photos. And start going through them, zooming in and comparing the items.

        I have just done this as I want to replace an item which broke and got lost.

        You soon see the shabby made draw string pouches, wonky markings, illegible markings, items which are too thin… etc:

        • Der er sÃ¥ dejligt! Min familie har altid haft sommerhus der, sÃ¥ er kommet i Hornbæk lige sÃ¥ længe jeg kan huske :) Og hvor faitnstask at bo ned til søen, heldige dig :)

  24. Hi,
    I am hoping that you can help me. I have a interlocking circle bangle which I purchased in a pre love shop.
    On the out side they have:
    925 T & CO 1837
    On the inside they have:
    The copywrite symbol with a space 1997 TIFFANY&CO925 (the T and the C are larger than the rest but all in capital letters
    What I want to know is if they are real, as ons I hav seen on the inernet show a . After the CO.
    Happy to send you a photo.
    Thankyou for your help this is a great site
    Ps Have a happy day

  25. Hi there,
    I recently purchase a gold 3 wave Elsa Peretti ring with diamond. I was wondering how to go about authenticating a Tiffany gold piece? Who to turn to and such? Thanks much

  26. I have a somerset bracelet that is stamped T & Co on a round circle on the inside. I took it to tiffany and they cleaned it. Now I see other somerset bracelet ‘s that are spelled out Tiffany & Co on a rectangle. Does it need to be spelled out to be real? Please advise and thank you so much

  27. I recently purchased a set of large heart Tiffany and CO/Elsa Pretti earrings that are Sterling silver. Everything looks authentic but when I Google the piece, I can’t find anything like what I have. Can someone point me in the direction to where or who can verify these please?

  28. I got a narrow silver 1837 bangle a while ago and am wondering if it is a fake or real as I cannot find it on the Tiffany website in their 1837 collection but it has all of the correct markings from your post. Any info would be great.

  29. Is there a difference between T&Co. 750 Italy, T&Co. (framed) 750 Italy and T&Co. AU 750 Italy? All of these are showing up on eBay for the 18k gold Tiffany Twist items. Mother wants a piece, yet I have not a clue how to help dad! Any help would be so appreciated.

    • Hi and thanks for reading out blog. Depending on where the piece was manufactured, when and by whom, there are a variety of marks. Please feel free to post photos / links.

  30. I have a cuff that I have posted for sale and after seeing your post I have concerno
    All my other Tiffany jewelry I have purchased in their store so there is no question but this one and uncle gave to me for a grad gift yrs ago. On the inside it is stamped (c) 1997 Tiffany&Co. 925

    Is this a fake?

    • Yay, film theory! That was super interesting. I do think there’s a point to be made, somewhere, that inverting the male gaze does not necessarily make the female gaze, but rather reinforces phictogolenlrac regimes of visual pleasure. I don’t know how one would go about creating a purely female gaze, though–it’s not like Mulvey’s films were any good.

  31. Hi
    Your blog is fantastic but has me worried. I bought two ‘Tiffany’ items at an auction this week. I think from your comments that one may be authentic – hope! – and one looks dodgy to me now. The charm necklace came in its Tiffany box and is heavy. The bracelet looks sloppy and is lighter.
    I can’t see how to send photos within comment box so will send to email address.

  32. I purchased what was sold to me as an authentic “retired” Elsa Peretti for Tiffany multi-strand open- heart choker and matching bracelet. How to determine if Genuine/Authentic if discontinued… is there an online repository for actual Tiffany catalogs, presumably from the 1980’s?

  33. I just bought a piece at a pawn shop. When I got home it says Sterling silBer, not silVer…I paid $65 for it so it is what it is…..Anyone seen this before?

  34. 1) Minor differences in Marks are important but might not be definitive on proving authenticity. For example, having ” AG” next to 925 doesn’t mean it’s a fake…just a newer mark that T&Co sometimes uses. Same as some that didn’t have the circled ” C” originally next to ” “Tiffany & Co”, and now the plate(the small plate attached to the piece/soldered) with the mark does have the “c” on some items….doesn’t prove anything since T&Co. used both.

    2) What to look for i.e. in mesh-necklaces/bracelets?…fakers never use the highest quality mesh items to add their fake-marks for two reasons: the craftsmanship is to skilled, not easily available and defeats their purpose of making money faking…. and no one can quite reach the same quality that T&Co. has ( every hoop-link soldered, smooth, even, proper marking, etc)

    3) The crispness and perfection of the marks (strike etc) is extremely important. If the marks are not ” to legible” (unless a very vintage/antique piece…i.e. 40’s. 20’s… where polishing/wear/repairs near the mark etc might have made it less crisp over time) it is more than likely that it is a fake. T&Co doesn’t make mistakes in using a sloppy mark, uneven small plates, crooked strikes, uneven text, bad angle regarding the piece, etc.

    4) Steps I would follow are: first look at the overall finish of the piece….look for sloppy-manufacturing like links that are not smoothly/accurately soldered, jagged/rough edges on bracelets that are not smooth to the touch etc. Once you feel comfortable with this, go to the marks: should be very crisp and precise, easy to read, uniform text, both items marked if it is ie a necklace with a pendant etc. or a heart with a chain etc. Last, and if you can, check the metal content carefully by having any average jeweler use the acid test on a rub on a testing stone ( should be free…watch out for jewelers that don’t know T&Co marks or authenticity in T&Co.pieces well….there are many that simply don’t know much about designer pieces)…so, 925 silver is easy to check , as well as 14Kt gold, within reasonable tolerances (the acid test is only approximate, but since T&Co uses exact accurate contents, the test will be definitive enough to at least guarantee the metal is what it should be…If you are satisfied with the marks & overall quality of the pieces, & know whom you are buying it from, the acid-testing is not that necessary…If you are buying the piece ie at a flea-market, all of a sudden it’s very important to verify the metal and most retailers have the testing equipment on site (rubbing stone and small acid bottles for ea. metal to be tested)….2 minute job to test, by the retailer…make sure the rub they make is very light and superficial, and preferably not on a conspicuous part of the jewelry piece)

    5) If after all that, that is easier done than written, you see a clear red-flag in something, bring it up with the vendor. Most sellers should be happy to answer any question regarding any doubts.

  35. I have a set of Tiffany and co toggle necklace and bracelet both have925on the beginning of the pieces then it is all little loops.iv been looking for the same set but it never comes up…I have checked all the markings and they look was a gift from the daughter and I’ve had it for about15yrs, when you put it on all the little loops gather at the bottom forming a half circle from colar bone to colar bone..I have had the chain check out and1person said that it is925 silver and another jewelry store said that it is is a heavy piece..what else can I I have not worn it in years and it never change color so I want to sell it.but I have to be sure that it is real.ty

  36. I’m thinking in buy a necklace but the heart says please return to Tiffany & Co. New York M70396 is that fake or real?

  37. I purchased a Tiffany bracelet from a reputable seller on EBAY. The seller was a dealer who sells name brand items like (Tiffany, Lladro, Murano, etc.) He is a power seller and has great reviews. 100 percent satisfaction. I just received the bracelet and it looks real. BTW… the bracelet is heavy and the links are smooth (no visible sauter lines) Also… on the back of the round toggle there is no 925 stamp. This is the only thing that I can see that might be a problem. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    • I also have a Tiffant & Co 925 toggle heart bracelet – I also did some research on it – heart charm has the c in circle, Tiffany & Co 925 but the toggle says Tiffany & Co. On the front with no 925 on the back – links are nice and round & smooth with no seams showing – it is quite heavy & just lovely – what are your thoughts Real or Fake? Thanks

    • It actually does not follow that a power seller with positive reviews and 100% feedback is reputable, sadly. Far too many buyers are too trusting, and I see them being taking advantage of every day. So many buyers think they have purchased from a “reputable” seller, do not take the purchased piece to someone to assess it, give positive feedback, and perpetuate the myth. Go to an estate jewelry shop and see if they want to buy your Tiffany piece, for example. I see jewelry called “antique Victorian” or “Georgian” that is nothing of the kind, with people lined up watching to buy, fake Tiffany jewelry, fake Mikimoto jewelry (often from Japanese sellers), and most recently, fake Ming’s of Honolulu jewelry, whose value has gone up since the shop was closed. So do your research and/or take to someone to look at it after purchase. It took me 6 months of researching about Victorian jewelry before I bought my first piece because I could see how many pieces were not as described and I was afraid of buying one. I am a seller and did not want to pass along such a piece! Approach eBay as if every seller is not describing accurately, ask many questions, and get it checked out after purchase in time to return. Do not buy from sellers that will not take returns–I always wonder why they will not. You can still return via eBay, but it’s a hassle.

    • Heavy does not actually = quality. Costume jewelry can be heavy. About 5 years ago I bought a “Tiffany” bead ball necklace, which broke when I 1st picked it up–it was heavy, but not with sterling. The Tiffany store had me send it to their repair in NYC. I got a call a week later telling me the necklace was “not ours.”

  38. I just bought a ring at a sale that had a bluish green string pull bag, the ring is black curved on the outside and has a white (NY) T & CO (1837) but it has no markings inside. I was reading your Jewelry blog but seen nothing about the inside of these rings.Think I may have a fake?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  39. I bought a Tiffany heart bracelet from a pawn shop. Everything looks legit except on the back of the heart it has the copyright sign Tiffany & Co AG925. The AG is throwing me off. I research the AG in it just means silver what does Tiffany have that on any of their jewelry?

  40. I am looking at a couple rings from a local seller that says they are authentic Tiffany. She claims to have seen the receipt when purchased. The one thin silver band she says that the outside is a darker silver than the inside. Said it was cleaned and buffed and all she can think of is that “maybe it’s titanium”? I can’t find either of the rings on the current Tiffany website. How do I go about deciding if it’s a legit Tiffany?

    • Stay away. If a seller saw the receipt why on earth would she not have insisted on including it in the purchase so she could prove when she went to sell, or at a minimum, taken a photo with cell phone. Sounds like a very lame response, yet a typical one, from someone selling fakes.

  41. Is it counterfeit Tiffany jewelry if the return to Tiffany’s heart tag has a serial number on it below New York on the front? (not the 925)

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