Interesting new finds…

While I haven’t lived up to my promise to update this topic weekly (been real busy sourcing new product!) I figured now was as a good a time as ever to brag about just a few of the interesting pairs of earrings we’ve come across and added to the store inventory.

These outrageous earrings are from the studio of master silversmith Margot de Taxco (Van Voorhies). While the robbin’s-egg-blue enamel has some rough spots, they are still an iconic example of Margot’s work —– at an excellent price point. Fully signed and hallmarked. We purchased them at auction along with a large collection of other pieces by notable Mexican silversmiths.
Classic 1960’s Tiffany & Co. Earrings. What else is there to say?
Absolutely gorgeous tiger lily earrings by American “enamel queen” Merry-Lee Rae. Entirely artisan hand crafted, they sure to be the only pair at the party.



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  1. I own a sterling silver TIFFANY dome ring from the 1980’s. It was a gift from a prominent family, who would never gift a piece of fake TIFFANY. Inside the ring, a small key is engraved. Could you tell me the significance of this tiny key engraved on the inside of the band. Does this tiny key designate a particular collection?

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