ANZIE Jewelry Review

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We took a look at several pieces of ANZIE jewelry today and were impressed by the use of natural gemstones, intriguing designs and whimsical, care-free glamour that that this line exhibits. The ANZIE line is named for its founder – artist Anzie Stein, who together with her family continues to release new collections on a regular basis.

One of the things we like about this company is that, since its founding, the owners have supported important medical causes through their jewelry sales. Being a good global citizen is something important to us here at Hunter Ridge and we always pay kudos to those who do the same. Before we go any further – I have to warn you that I took the pictures in this blog myself. We usually use the photos taken by our photographer, but he wasn’t around today – so forgive me.

Now – onto the jewelry… all the items we explored today were shipped in a lovely signature gold and blue silk gift pouch. It’s a nice touch that adds something special to the gift-giPouchving and gift-receiving experience. We pay a lot attention to packaging when reviewing a jewelry line because we know that a lot of jewelry is purchased for the purpose of gift giving. There is nothing more disappointing than spending hard earned money on a jewelry gift and not receiving a pouch or box to present it in —- So – kudos to ANZIE for the splendid little pouch.

The first piece we’re going to look at is an ANZIE classic – one of the “LIFESAVER” gemstone disc bracelets that ANZIE sells to support cancer research. This bracelet is crafted from solid sterling silver and set with faceted disc shaped pink topaz,  purple amethyst and rose quartz.


All of the gemstones are 100% natural. The links are large and the stones are high gem quality exhibiting excellent color, saturation and cut. Attached near the clasp is a solid sterling silver disc that is stamped with ANZIE name and the fineness mark 925.  The bracelet is a little light weight, but it works because the design elements themselves are “light weight” –  the combination of open rings and translucent gems gives the bracelet a care-free, but sophisticated air.

Next up is a nearly identical bracelet that substitutes sea-green amethyst in place of pinks and purples of the last one.


The other pieces we looked at were mostly earrings – green aventurine dangle drops, fancy cut white topaz and chrysoprase. The earrings match the quality and design of the bracelets.

Overall, we continue to be impressed with the ANZIE products that encounter. Check our eBay store in coming weeks for the bracelets posted here as well as some other ANZIE items including earrings, a few necklaces in 14K Yellow Gold and  a couple of Zodiac pieces. Following the great example set by ANZIE, we will be donating a portion of each sale to a medical research charity through the eBay Giving Works program. Look for the blue ribbon in our listings to identify the charitable listings.