Matching Jewelry and Stones to Marsala & Pantone’s Other Spring 2015 “En Plein Air” Color Choices – A Hunter Ridge Spring Jewelry Guide

Easter Blue Topaz

Pantone’s annual color report is out and its time to consider the jewelry that best compliments the season’s colors and attitude. Spring is generally a time for awakenings – metaphorically and physically – and is thus a great time to get in touch with your lighter side. This year’s color choices mesh well with that goal.

Easter Blue Topaz



Fortunately, there exist a wondrous menagerie of natural, affordable gemstones that fall both in, and around, this Spring’s vaulted palette. Marsala is the color of the year, and while it’s possible to use jewelry to match or at least “color block” in this tone, we’d suggest bringing the color to life in your clothing and then using jewelry to brush in some of  the season’s other colors that happen to synergize well with Marsala.

Marsala’s rich tone is perhaps best matched to the blue-green spectrum and luckily for us, there’s an almost unending assortment of blue-green’s that can be easily and affordably accessed with a variety of copper bearing gemstones. These of course include members of the Turquoise Family. Turquoise owes its rich green and blue colors to copper salts that stew with the stone during its creation. Just think about how a clever copper roof turns green after a few years in the elements.

The jaw-dropping earrings pictured at the top of this post were crafted by famed Santo Domingo jeweler and lapidarist Jimmy Cabeza. They feature two thin book-matched slices of natural Easter blue turquoise. Stunning statement pieces that won’t go unnoticed.

Easter Blue Turquoise

For that same Easter Blue color in a more budget-friendly edition, try something like these square,  vintage, unattributed earrings. They were also crafted in the tribal Southwest, but alas we do not have the benefit of knowing the artist.

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The ever popular Dominican gemstone, Larimar aka “Stefilia’s Stone” is a springtime favorite. The stone is named for the “sea” and truly lives up to the moniker. Light Caribbean blues blend with sheer whites and greys to create an inviting pool of color that anyone can jump right into.

Larimar has recently become more popular, but there was a time when you could source it only on location in the Dominican Republic. It’s a form of pectolite, and like turquoise, derives its unmatched blue color from copper salts.

Larimar Pendant


While not a copper bearing mineral, we would be remiss not to mention the oft forgotten Blue Chalcedony and its cousin Chrysoprase. These simple stone lie in the vast family of cryptocrystalline silicas (see our blog on them here). The blues and greens in these beauties can be attributed primarily to traces of nickel oxide.


The single “true blue” identified by Pantone this year is labeled “Classic Blue” and Lapis Lazuli is an obvious match. Prized for millennia, the best specimens of this rich blue stone hail from Afghanistan (see our blog on Lapis Here). It creates a symbiotic contrast with Marsala toned clothing


Above are two awesome vintage pieces. The first piece is a hinged necklace with fine grade lapis set in 950 silver. It’s an entirely artisan crafted classic circa 1970’s.. The second piece is a super rare 800 silver (see our silver article here) and very fine lapis cabochon Bali necklace from pre-1970. This is the color most people associate with lapis. The pieces below feature the slightly less common “denim” lapis and are both Southwest tribal pieces.


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Also on this year’s spectrum are earth tones “Custard” and “Toasted Almond” This is a great opportunity to look to humbler minerals like Marble, Agate and Quartz — but also certain varieties of opaque and translucent amber.


 Antique Scottish Agate Flower Pin Circa 1900 and a Tova Jewels designer yellow agate chunky link statement bracelet

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The yellow quartz gems, including citrine, are a super affordable way to add yellow glamour to your get-up. These stones reflect the angular spring sun and glow from within.


Simply classic large yellow quartz cocktail ring.  

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Amber is another obvious choice for yellow and mustard. This versatile gem can be soft and understated or bright and ambitious. Read our article on finding genuine amber here and see all our amber jewelry here.

Amber earrings  Amber tie bar 

The amber dangle earrings are from Poland and feature natural Baltic amber. The tie bar is a vintage Russian piece with a column of rich golden amber. 

If you want to skip the accessory colors and go right for the muted reds “Strawberry” and “Marsala”, it might seem a challenge at first blush, but don’t be discouraged. These color combos are easily achieved with members of the Jasper Family.

Marsala AgateMarasala agate 2

These earrings by Joanna Laura Constantine feature natural agate panels that run the spectrum of red from marsala to fire. The ring is an antique circa 1900 featuring a blood agate cabochon.

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 If you want to hit the full Spectrum — then there is no better choice than natural fluorite. It’s impossible-to-reproduce color variety just screams SPRING!!